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Our Goal:


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About Us

Who We Are

Centurion Ventures Capital was founded by Hasnain Khimji with the goal to buy and grow online businesses, specifically SaaS (Software as a Service) and Marketplaces for the long term.
CVC offers a solution to business owners seeking to work with a new generation of entrepreneurs who will personally manage their business.
We are committed to retaining and developing employees and offer business owners the flexibility to focus on a particular functional area, remain involved for the long term, or step back from the business.
We have seen how young leaders with operational experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and formal business education can build upon the extraordinary work of business founders, particularly when guided by the mentorship of an experienced board of directors. If you are a business owner seeking majority investors and long-term management bandwidth for your business, we’d love to speak with you.

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Our Mission

The CVC Partner’s mission is to buy online businesses and manage them for the long term, building on the foundation laid by the previous owner.

Centurion Ventures is not a private equity firm with the goal of cutting costs, adding restrictive levels of debt, and flipping the business. And, we are not a strategic buyer with the goal of breaking up the company and absorbing parts of it into a larger corporation. We are entrepreneurs committed entirely to building online businesses as our sole focus.

We are a great path for owners seeking liquidity and management bandwidth who care about the long-term future of their business and employees.

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An Alternative to Private Equity & Strategic Buyers

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Our Investment Philosophy

Centurion Ventures Capital seeks to buy online businesses with the following characteristics


  • Owner(s) seeking liquidity, investment, and management bandwidth

  • SaaS or Marketplace

  • B2B or B2C

  • High scalability

  • Employee & customer-first focus


  • $0.5 to $10 million in annual revenue

  • $0.5 to $5 million of cash flow

  • 2+ years of profitability

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Hasnain Khimji


With a background in Banking Software Consultancy, Hasnain Khimji, has a vast experience of Portfolio Management, Payments, and Wealth Management. Having led his own Consultancy Firm in Switzerland, Hasnain has had the opportunity to support several Private Banks across Europe.

Prior to founding Centurion Venture Capital, Hasnain has led several startups in the Medtech and IT sectors.

Hasnain has an undergraduate degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Applied Sciences of Berne. He earned his MBA from the renowned St. Gallen Business School in Switzerland where he focused on Entrepreneurship and Strategy.


99 Wallstreet, #2245
New York, NY, 10005

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